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Welcome to DN1 Prosecco Boutique, located in the heart of Vienna. While our prosecco production takes place in the picturesque region of Treviso, Italy, we bring a taste of Italy to you. Indulge in our own crafted Prosecco and sparkling wines, renowned for its exquisite flavors and effervescence. Enhance your experience with a selection of authentic Italian cold cuts. Immerse yourself in the art of Italian indulgence as you savor our premium Prosecco alongside these culinary delights. Join us at DN1 Prosecco Boutique for an unforgettable fusion of Viennese charm and Italian gastronomy. Cheers to a truly elevated experience!



Die Gutscheine können in der DN1 Prosecco Boutique eingelöst werden.

Gutscheine sind 1 Jahr ab Ausstellung gültig.

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